20th Anniversary
Show Orientation


April 15th,  2023 at the Sterndale Bennett Theatre

Tickets are $10.50

and go on sale February 1st, 2023 at Ammena Dance Company

Limited seating.


Enjoy an evening out with fellow dancers and pick your 2023/2024 show pieces.

I will be dancing 16 pieces this year! From a mashup of our favourite Bollywood pieces from the past 19 years, to new pieces including Flashdance and Burlesque Jazz.

Here is a sneak peak of what I have in store for you this year.

2024 LYRICAL.jpg
2024 FLASHDANCE copy 2.jpg
2024 BELLYDANCE copy 4.jpg
2024 BIG BAND copy 6.jpg

20th anniversary special

2024 JIVE copy.jpg
2024 BALLROOM copy 3.jpg
2024 BOLLYWOOD copy 5.jpg
2024 AFRICAN copy 7.jpg
2024 DANCEHALL copy 10.jpg
2024 CONTEMPORARY copy 2.jpg
2024 BURLESQUE JAZZ copy 9.jpg
2024 LATIN copy 11.jpg
2024 CIRCUS copy.jpg